We produce the most tender and most flavorful grass-fed natural beef you will find. Not only better for you, but better tasting than any corn-fed beef. No corn, no hormones, no antibiotics, no nasty feedlots. Just our ranch, our hay, our grass and alfalfa, and a few of our neighbor's apples!

Predator Friendly

We are pleased to announce that the Johnny Creek Ranch has been certified as "Predator Friendly." As of this writing, we are one of just two farms in Oregon with this certification. What does it mean? It means we don't employ lethal means to control predators or use poisons that could indirectly kill predators, including birds. Predators on the ranch include bobcats, coyotes, cougars, eagles, hawks, and owls. Wolves are on the way. Dealing with predators is not easy, but it is simply our philosophy that we have a duty to find ways to co-exist and still be able to farm successfully.

We never saw the sense in killing coyotes, who appear to breed even faster when their numbers are down. In addition, they are very helpful in keeping the voles under control in our irrigated fields. We scare them (sometimes with gunshots) when they venture close to the houses or outbuildings, to preserve our cat population. We enjoy all forms of life on our ranch, from our cats and dogs and horses and cows, to the antelope, the elk, the deer, the birds, and, of course, the predators too. We've watched a bobcat mom hunting voles all day long, day after day, when she had a den below our house. We would not want it any different.

Update: This certification is no longer valid as the certifier merged into a different organization. We have not changed any of our practices, however.